Professional Data Center Design & Implementation.

Your data center is a mission critical component in your network. Responsible for managing, storing and protecting the network’s core operational data,  Telecom Cluster ensure your data center is ready for your needs today, as well as tomorrow.

Professional LAN Networking Design, Implementation and Support.

Telecom Cluster offers a wide range of fiber optic products for virtually any local area network need, and the right tools, services and customer support to help you select them. And thanks to our relationship with leading manufacturer,  we have the largest inventory of fiber optic & UTP connectivity products in Egypt. So you can have a network infrastructure that's built for what's now and what's next.

Professional CCTV and IP Security Camera Implementation and Support.

Telecom Cluster supplies high quality Surveillance Products like CCTV cameras to provide our customers the best security products for various segments that include banks, institutions, hotels, restaurants, government buildings, and many more.

We offer professional Surveillance solution that meets our customer’s needs, and thanks to our relationship with leading manufacturer we are fames with our high quality solutions.

Alternative Power and Power Protection Management systems.

Telecom Cluster focus on efficient technologies related to power. From design through technology selection and installation, we provide a wide range of UPS and PDU, and other power related products, and thanks to our relationship with leading manufacturer we are fames with our high quality solutions.

Cisco & Avaya IP Telephony and digital phone systems.

Telecom Cluster With its telecom partners, can help your organization install and maintain telephone switches/PBX's and Voice over IP(VOIP) products.

As part of our Site Survey, our engineers will review your current telephony systems and costs. If your organization has not thoroughly reviewed your phone bills in the last two years, you are paying too much for your voice lines

Long Distance Fiber Optic Cable Installations.

With fiber optic cable expected to replace copper wire in the early part of this century, demand for highly specialized crews capable of providing fast, dependable installation is rising.

Telecom Cluster has one of the best team in Egypt specialized in extending outdoor Fiber Cables, applying only the highest worldwide Standards, we have completed many project in this filed, and for sure you are the best option for you.

Fiber Optic Cable Installations.

Telecom Cluster provider the best fiber optic cabling services for businesses wanting to implement sustainable, high-quality, and cost-efficient communication networks that evolve with the ever-changing demands of business.


Copper Cable Installations.

When it comes to cabled network installations, Telecom Cluster believe that planning and good management employed by tight change control procedures is key!

We have often been to a new client site, only to find the server cabinets and patch panels looking more like spaghetti than a professional business network. No one knows where the cables go, what they do, or even when they were installed