Business should be simple, so keep it Simple with Telecom Cluster & LS, Every organization around the world requires a reliable and fast IT network. Providing world-class performance, allowing them to stay ahead of their competitors and growing their business. Over the past two decades we have made massive advancements in technology, pushing the industries knowledge to the limit, giving our clients the best solutions for today and meeting tomorrow s requirements.

As the industry standard committees have developed and defined structured cabling standards, it has become even more important for end users to understand what solution best supports their requirements. Their networks are now required to carry traditional data at faster speeds and increasing volumes, voice using VoIP and video as well as information from building management systems. IP has become the language of the world, and is being used in more and more applications. Having this vast array of information travelling across your network by wireless, optical or copper mediums can be extremely confusing for end users. Knowing exactly what to use and where, will maximize the return on your budget expenditure.

Telecom Cluster with LS Cable & Systems has developed a range of solutions to make it simple for end users to know what they need and where they need it to meet their requirements. we provides a key platform for all involved in an IT network, from the end user, through to the system integrator and distributor.

We have also simplified the decision making process, on which IT network best meets your needs. This network is fully supported by a comprehensive warranty giving complete peace on mind for 25 years. This coupled with LS Cable & System s strict LS approved SI program, means the end users can be assured of receiving industry-leading networks anywhere in the world.

Telecom Cluster with LS Cable & System has now simplified the decision of which structured cabling solution you require, giving our clients world class networks, with world-class support. Making it easier for our existing and potential clients to choose the right system for their requirements has never been more Simple.

Telecom Cluster Make It Simple with LS

  • We Provide the best Solutions in copper and fiber
  • Supported by SimpleTM product designs
  • Manufactured to the highest level of quality
  • 25 years comprehensive warranty by LS.
  • LS approved Certfied installer.
  • LS approved distribution partner.