Telecom Cluster is built on a firm foundation of sound business practice and healthy profitability. We seek innovation in what we build , resolution and reliability in every step we take and high commitment to quality in every thing we do.

In Telecom Cluster, we are committed to continuously outperforming ourselves by introducing best-in-industry practices and platforms. We seek talented and ambitions team members, that are self motivated, and highly dynamic.

In Telecom Cluster, we invest in our employees, we care about them, and we motivate them to be the best, we train them to do the best and help them to maintain such high performance.

A Job in Telecom Cluster is never just a job, It’s a great career, and better life style, and an endless opportunities to build and develop your self.


A Job in Telecom Cluster is Never Just a Job


Telecom Cluster Is now Recruiting:


1- Talented Sales engineers

Job Title                       : Sales engineers

Data open                    : 15th Dec 2011

Job Qualifications     : engineering degree or equivalent.

Job Age                        : 24 ~ 32

Number of opening    : 6 position needed

Job Other Req.            : prefer to have a car


2- Secretary

Job Title                      : Secretary

Data open                   : 10th Dec 2011

Job Qualifications      : Commercial Degree or business administration. “prefer to be fluent in English, with multinational background”

Job Age                        : 23 ~ 29

Number of opening   : 1 Position needed

Job Other Req.           : prefer to live in Nasr City – Cairo with easy access to Al-7ay el 3asher.


3- Good Looking Delivery Represents.  

Job Title                       : Delivery Represents

Data open                   : 15th Dec 2011

Job Qualifications     : Familiar with Cairo roads, very sharp on delivery time,

Job Age                       : 23 ~ 29

Number of opening  : 2 Position needed

Job Other Req.          : Prefer to live in Nasr City – Cairo with easy access to Al-7ay el 3asher.

Please send us your CV ,